Racking Company

Four Post Shop Racking

Four post shop racking is a very popular choice of shelving for a variety of different retail trade environments. The main advantage is that it allows all products to be clearly on show; this is particularly useful for low-level self-selection items.

Versatility is another advantage of four post shop racking; it is a very stable unit which allows it to be built to a relatively tall height. This means that self-selection products can be displayed up to head height, and then above that extra shelves can be used for storage of extra stock. This is a brilliant idea as it saves time having to venture into a behind-the-scenes stockroom to find extra items, therefore saving time and energy for employees and customers.

Four post shop racking is a relatively inexpensive form of shelving which is suitable for the majority of shops stocking a range of items. Its versatility means that the back panels can be plain or perforated, allowing you to have horizontal shelves or slatwall hooks, or a mixture of both.