Racking Company

Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA)

The Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, abbreviated to SEMA, is the British Trade Association of the storage equipment industry. In order to become a member, a racking supplier must conform to their high standards and codes of practice.

SEMA looks after British interests in the national and European codes of practice which relate to the design, supply and installation of a range of storage equipment. To supplement these codes of practice, SEMA are responsible for setting health and safety guidelines for racking suppliers which they must follow in order to operate safely.

If you are looking for a racking supplier, then look for one which is a SEMA member. To become a member, racking companies must meet the requirements of a Quality Assessment Schedule (QAS 2000) which completed through documentation as well as regular assessment. The regular assessment means that the racking company has to maintain their high quality standards, ensuring that their products are the finest in the industry. This gives peace of mind for companies looking for a reliable racking supplier.

A SEMA member racking supplier that we recommend is Stakapal. They have been in the storage equipment manufacture industry for over 45 years and pride themselves on quality and customer service; give them a  call today on 01543278123.