Racking Company

Pigeon Hole Racking

Pigeon hole racking is designed to store long length materials horizontally such as timber, PVCu and plastic drainage pipes. Rather than using stacking equipment, the goods are loaded into and unloaded out of the bay by hand, meaning that they are highly accessible. Raised areas can also be utilised above Pigeon Hole Racking, maximising the available warehouse area where additional storage of products such as insulation can be unloaded via a loading gate and accessed be individuals via a staircase.

The pigeon holes are divided by vertical beams which can either be fixed in place or made adjustable; which one is best for your business is your choice. The racking itself is normally designed to fit either your available storage space, or amount of goods you require storage for.

Each pigeon hole racking system should be bespoke to ensure that you are getting the most appropriate product for your work place.