Racking Company

Racking Companies

The racking and storage industry is a large and competitive industry to be involved in, therefore it can be difficult for a company to know who is the best racking provider to work with both in terms of quality product and customer service.

It is advisable to choose a company who is not just a racking supplier, but also a manufacturer. This is because it is more likely that they will be able to offer you a bespoke racking system in terms of size and functionality, rather than a standard fit system. This will make the most of the space that you have devoted to storage and will ensure that you get the best racking system for your product type.

When looking for a racking company, ensure that they can guide you through the whole process, from design to installation and maintenance of the system. Racking is a huge investment and so project planning is essential to minimise costs and maximise efficiency. Ideally, the racking company that you work with will have years of experience and know the process inside-out.

A good company to work with is Stakapal; they manufacture and supply a range of bespoke racking systems and have done so for the past 45 years. If you would like more advice on racking or to consult someone regarding your storage requirements, give them a call today on 01543278123; their expert advisers are on hand to take your call.