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Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

If your storage facility is relatively small in size, then narrow aisle pallet racking could be the answer to your storage dilemma. It is a similar system to the adjustable aisle pallet rack system, but, as the name suggests, the aisles between racks are narrower. This reduces the overall area required by the racking, therefore you can fit more storage into a small space and maintain your small warehouse. Alternatively, if you have a large storage facility, having narrow aisle racking will reduce the space that the racking utilises, leaving more room which can be used for other purposes.

As with a conventional adjustable aisle system, narrow aisle pallet racking allows full access to all of the pallets which gives you flexibility of storage. This makes coordinating storage and distribution a seamless operation.

There is only one potentially negative element to a narrow aisle system; the restricted aisle space requires specialist equipment to be able to access the pallets. Narrow fork-lift trucks are available which will resolve this issue, but please be aware that in the event of a breakdown, replacements can be harder to find and more expensive due to their specialised nature.